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The secret for getting enough exercise on the road is to take a moment to consider how you can fit it all in. When you believe your schedule doesn’t allow one spare moment, it's time to do something about it.

In an airport, in flight, waiting in line, riding the train, don’t just watch TV. Do you really need to sit there when the awful (are there any other kind?) commercials are blinking out at you? Wherever you are, get up at least once every hour and do five minutes of exercise. Stretch your arms and swing them forward as if swimming. Jog in place and do knee and waist bends. Do without that second bottle of beer as you watch the nth rerun of Lucy.

At dawn on your travels, get away from the hotel to jog, hike or bike. Instead of taking the elevator, walk up and down the stairs for one or two floors. At the same time, do upper-body flexing exercises.

Busy senior travelers are never so busy with their minds that they should ignore the needs of their bodies. If you work it right on the road, in the air and out at sea, you can exercise both body and brain to great advantage.

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