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Calling someone a geek can be an insulting slur. It describes many seniors who just can't seem to take that first brave step beyond the front door.

Take heart, fellow ancient geeks. There are ways to break away from your geekiness and get into some wild freakiness world travel. For example: 1. Form a geek gang. For travel, concerts, clubs, sports events and other large gatherings, don't be a loner. Get several geek pals together and you'll have companionship and a better time together. If you just happen to meet up with a geek gang composed of members of the opposite sex, so much the better for mixing.

2. Along with your geek gang or by yourself, sign up for singles tours and cruises. They offer perfect ways for meeting new people in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. If you can't make new friends during those great opportunities, maybe you're destined for geek loneliness forever.

3. Get off that too-comfy couch. Watching TV can become a geek addiction, because you find it a substitute for all the brave action stuff you see on the tube. You be valiant and venture out into the real world!

4. Sign up for regular exercise at the local gym. You'll meet many people there trying to develop their abs, along with some new friendships. There you can also knock off the geeky fat and learn to eat sensibly.

5. Take classes at the local school or college. You'll meet others with similar interests in classes about public speaking, French Impressionists, world events and learning Mandarin Chinese.

6. Attend music and other types of entertainment. Whether it's a Mozart or Snoop Dog concert, you'll find people there who share similar tastes in music.

7. Try all the latest electronic doodads. A clever senior geek can tweet and twitter to find new friends online. You may meet a special new acquaintance halfway around the world or just around the corner. If you want more than just online pals, join an internet senior dating service.

8. Be a geek volunteer. When you join a group of workers who feed the homeless, rehabilitate houses for the poor or serve on a neighborhood night watch, you'll be among the best people anywhere. Conside volunteer travel with Habitat For Humanity and other organizations that help people in Haiti, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

Any self-proclaimed senior geek can reach out and meet new friends and enjoy new experiences. All that’s needed is to get up off the couch and boldly go out into the wonderful world just waiting beyond your front door.

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