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Suddenly, people compartments have become scenes reminding we seniors of Friday night fights. Guy who refused to give up his seat is dragged down the aisle. Couple on way to be married kicked off flight. Angry attendant grapples with mom passenger over baby stroller.

How can a peace-loving senior fly without being in the middle of such uproars? There are several ways to find peace in the air. First, fly early in the day, before the bars in the airport open. Traditionally, many onboard upsets are caused by passengers who come aboard boozy. Book an aisle seat in the front or far rear of the passenger compartment. Once everyone is aboard, the spaces are usually the quietest and most convenient. And more accessible to the rest rooms. Also, especially in this era of smartphone cameras everywhere, don’t get physically involved in any arguments or disruptions with airline staff nor other passengers.

Of course, an effective way to avoid joining in on the passenger troubles is to take aboard noise-reducing headphones. Then, just listening to your favorite opera or watching your favorite soap opera. “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...(Kipling).

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