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Despite phone company and government promises to block the phony calls, more robocall scams are now happening than ever before. The obvious reason is that the thieves are taking advantage of all the latest tech ways of breaking into phone and smartphone systems.

Shockingly, according to a recent article in USA Today and FCC reports, 2.4 billion robocalls are made each month. That’s seven per person, although some of our angry senior readers claim they get that amount of annoying interruptions every hour of every day. Among the worst of the annoyances are robocalls aimed at seniors with recorded and live voices of cheerful young women. They brightly declare that you have won a free cruise or other impressive vacation package.

Beware! It’s a scam to get you to send in money for a trip that will never happen. Or worse, it’s a way to use your response to electronically break into your credit card and/or bank account.

No senior should be uninformed enough to fall for such phony promotions. Therefore, travel4seniors.com has a recommendation. When an annoying robocall interrupts your day, hang up immediately.


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