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Guest Writer José P., San Antonio TX: Tired watching reruns of Lucy and The Golden Girls? What to do about it?  Get your aging, shy and/or lazy butt out as often as possible. Of course, cruises and other travel temptations are great for ending the loneliness. Locally, the bar scene is maybe the most popular, but also where you'll have to sort out the baddies from the goodies.

Often, seniors who go to bars to meet singles aren't singles, just seeking some extramarital action. Also, use common safety sense and don't go looking for Mr. Goodbar or Ms. Perfect. However, if the bar scene is where you want to hunt, just keep your guard up. Beyond singles cruises, resorts and other travel enticements, the best places to meet senior singles are where activities are compatible with your own lifestyle. There you're most likely to meet a likely match. Think supermarket, restaurant or laundromat.

My wife and I met for the first time in our hi-rise apartment house coin laundry. When she bent way over to put her duds in the dryer, it was love at first sight. That was 50 years ago, and she still has the great attributes I admired then.

These days, if you're a bit of an egghead, the local coffee house offers similar smarties. Just amble in, pick out a likely prospect. Then plop your laptop or smartphone down next to his/hers, and let the cyberspace conversation begin.

You can also try the library, art gallery and community event happenings. Volunteer in a current civic campaign, and maybe you’ll get active with another political activist or two.

Concerts ... from rock to Bach ... are good hunting grounds for single hook-ups. Sports events are mostly for guys, but hey, to each his or her own. Cities offer other public events where you can do some single searching, such as block parties, flea markets, ethnic events and holiday celebrations.

In addition to cruises and resorts, there are many nearby places to mix. All you have to do is get off your couch, walk out the door and do some serious mingling.

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