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A friend recently reported being driven from the airport in a Las Vegas taxi by a white-haired driver. She says she could tell by the wrinkled face and jerky-moves that he had to be at least 75 years old.

She was frightened and shaken as the driver raced along, watery eyes squinting into the desert sunlight. The taxi eventually got to her hotel, but only after some near-collisions on the busy streets.

Another incident involving a confused private plane pilot of the same age recently almost caused a collision while landing at busy Los Angeles Airport. His small aircraft came within a few feet of a taxiing passenger jet on the runway. 

The recording of the confused message to LAX air traffic has the private pilot, famed actor Harrison Ford, calling himself a Yiddish name for stupid. Therefore, if you ride in a private plane or city taxi, just make sure the pilot or driver isn’t a 75-year-old schmuck.

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