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They’ll be considerably safer and more pleasant if you answer these questions before hitting the highways.

1. Is my car in good shape? Tires, spares, engine and electric system. Check all thoroughly with a competent mechanic.

2. Am I in good shape? Be healthy and well-rested before tackling the driving schedule, especially those that will cover long distances over more than a day or two. 3. Have I chosen the best routes? Before you hit the road, study the expected roads and alternates. Get the latest info from the internet about possible detours and road closures along the way. Plan necessary stops, including food, rest periods, gas service, motel overnights and other expected needs.

4. Should I install the latest electronics? All new cars have advanced units, but there are still senior drivers who don’t use them. Get a system you can understand and work with along the way. It will make your trip easier and safer.

5. Do I have the latest smartphone? A phone and charger keeps you in instant touch with family, business, nearby police, medical services and other contacts. Wear an earphone, so you can access it iinstantly.

6. Am I prepared for emergencies? Take a basic first aid kit, especially if there are kids with you. Be able to treat minor scrapes, headaches and stomach disorders. Take a flashlight, basic tools, a tire repair kit and flashing red light stand if case you're stranded on the highway in dark or night situations.

7. Did I take along enough supplies? Especially if family is with you, bring snack food, water and juices. Pillows and blankets can make passengers more comfortable. To keep them occupied, load Smartphones with games, TV, stories and music. If overnights in motels, bring enough changes of clothing.

8. Can I avoid causing unnecessary dangers? Obey all  speed limits, drive defensively and no alcohol within at least four hours of when you’ll be behind the wheel.

Before a road trip, every driver should ask vital questions and be able to answer positively. With proper preparation and by following sensible rules, your trip can be pleasant and safe.

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