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When you stay at an all-inclusive resort or sail a cruise, the unending supply of sun, food and drink not only add pounds. It also makes you vulnerable to food-related illnesses. Keeping healthy while being inundated by all the temptations isn’t easy, but it can be done. 

1. Diet: Maintain your normal at-home healthy food and booze habits. Stay away from junk food, and have your three moderate meals (no second helpings!) at the same time each day. If you’re a calorie-counter, keep tabs on what you eat. If all-you-can-grab buffet breakfast and lunch totalled 1,500 or more calories, go easy at dinner. Just salad, cup of tea and fruit. Or make breakfast your skinny meal. 2. Limit exposure to the sun: To maintain healthy skin, use sun screen. When you sunbathe on the first day of your vacation, quit after ten minutes. Each day build up your time in the sun to 30 minutes, and no more. It isn’t healthy to turn your skin into lobster red or burnt leather.

3. Get plenty of sleep: When your cruise offers midnight dances and late-late buffets, enjoy them in moderation. Your stomach may not be used to digesting a lot of chicken fingers and potato salad at one a.m. Also, the rocking of the ship may cause some problems, especially if you’ve had too much food and booze.

4. Healthy and safe kids: If you have small kids along on your journey, be sure to monitor what they eat and how they spend their fun time. Be sure the kids eat healthy, with little or no junk food. When they’re on their own at the beach, surf or pool, keep them in sight, or pair up in the tried-and-true buddy system.

5. Cleanliness: Good hygiene is a never-ending task. Drinking water in resort hotels and aboard ships is usually safe. If you have any doubts, use bottled water everywhere. Before meals, wash hands with soap and water or chemical wipes. If cleanliness standards are not high in countries or ports you visit, stay away from sidewalk food stands and dumpy-looking restaurants.

Staying healthy while traveling is a challenge, especially when the availability of food and drink seem endless. Self-discipline can make the vacation pleasant while maintaining your normal healthy lifestyle.

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