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You’ve survived those many work and kid-raising years, and can now hit the road, sky or sea at any time with just few hours’ notice. So consider dashing aboard a luxury cruise at an amazing bargain price. It isn’t that cruise lines enjoy offering luxury cabins at half-price, just the reality of scheduling.

If, by a couple of days before sailing time, many of the cabins are not booked, cruise line beancounters get desperate. The ship must depart port on schedule, and charging less money for the cabins is a hell of a lot better than getting none for empty ones. Sometimes the costs are half or less of the originally-advertised rates.

If your well-earned retirement years are here, and you can pack and be at the dock within a day or two, consider a last-minute cruise. Check daily with your local travel agent, cruise company ads and online sites that specialize in last-minute bookings.

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