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No, no! Not those fancy high heels. For air travel, shoes that are quick and easy to take off and put on are best. It’s important in the security line that you’re able to slip them off promptly for screening. When through the checking area, easy-on shoes make it simpler to get to your flight.

They’re also very convenient when settled into your airline seat. It can be much more comfortable if you can relax and stretch shoeless feet. If lucky enough to get extra space, pull your feet up on the seat for quality rest time in the air.

For really long flights, bring socks with rubberized bottoms. They’re good for padding up and down the aisle when visiting the aircraft toilet. Use them for warmth when air conditioning or high altitude are too cold for bare feet.

For women travelers, high-heeled pumps may look classy, but they can be very awkward to remove and put on again as you go through security. Also, they’re not too reliable for airport step climbing and running to board on time.

However, if you must travel with high-heel shoes, keep them in a plastic bag on your carry-on. They’ll then be available for business or social meetings immediately after a flight.

Loafers with rubber soles are safest and most convenient. Lace-up sneakers or other shoes with straps may be comfortable for walking, but difficult if you need to take them off at security. Sorry, John Wayne, but boots, as nifty as they look, are the most difficult footwear to remove in a hurry.

The best shoes for air travel are those that are comfortable, safe for dashing long distances through airports, and easy to take off for the security line.


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