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While flying, whether in the cheap seats or plush first-class, do some after-chow exercise to help digestion. Of course, you can’t exit the flight and jog along the wing.

However, sitting there when you’ve just eaten may lead to discomfort and digestion problems in your senior stomach. According to medical advice, within 15 minutes of that last slice of pie, do at least 10 minutes of exercise. If your seat isn’t too cramped, raise arms above your head and lower them 20 times. Then stretch out your legs, left then right, each 20 times. If you can get out of your seat, stroll along the aisle for 10 minutes.

Also, find a flat bulkhead (not a door) in the rear of the passenger area. Place your arms out straight, then lean forward till your forehead touches repeatedly for ten minutes. If possible, also do some high stepping or jogging in place for another ten minutes.

After slumping back into the seat, your digestion system will be significantly helped. Also, you’ll be likely to more enjoy a well-earned quick snooze.

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