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According to a recent London’s Daily Telegraph report, total destruction of the Earth is getting closer. Nutcase Iran and North Korea are developing bigger atomic weapons, terrorism is growing and air pollution gets denser. British scientists predict we’re sliding ever closer to the end of all life on the planet.

So, what should senior wanderers do about it? Schlump on the couch and watch endless reruns of the Lucy show until it hits? Dig a basement shelter, then stock up on Hershey bars, Schlitz Blue Ribbon beer and hunker down? Of course not!

Get get your senior butt off that couch and travel the world while it’s still here. Have you ever wanted to hike the Great Wall of China, climb Machu Picchu, surf in Malibu and ride a gondola in Venice? Also, speaking about time getting short, you ain’t gettin’ any younger! So pack your bags, go out and do it all!

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