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To take advantage of the best deals during your stay at a casino hotel, understand what’s available. Here are some suggestions to get in on the fun.

When you book your room, check out discounts and other money-saving deals. Call the hotel and ask the reservation agent about all current promotions. Search online for hotel-specific discount codes and coupons. When you arrive, ask again for specials being offered that day.

Join the casino's frequent player program. The electronic card tracks your play. Use your card whenever you gamble. Insert it into machines, as well as hand it to dealer or pit boss when at table games. Consider concentrating all play at the same casino to accumulate the most credits.

To take maximum advantage of discounts, don't pay cash nor use your credit card for any in-hotel expenses. Charge all spending to your room, including meals, drinks, spa services, entertainment, hotel shop purchases and tips. This puts all hotel related expenses on one bill, allowing for the most potential discount or reduction at check-out.

Keep all  receipts of purchases you've made in-house during your hotel stay. When checking out, show those receipts if you're required to negotiate the actual discounted items from the bill.

When checking out, do it with the casino host or VIP area. Be reasonable and respectful. If you’ve gambled enough and used hotel facilities, you are in an excellent bargaining position. Instead of discounts, you may receive casino credits. Use the discounts to make purchases in the hotel or play them out on the tables and machines. If you win, convert it into cash.


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