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When making your plans, you need to research places within the city you can enjoy, fit into your travel budget and allow you to blend in. Do some homework before leaving home. Surf the web for the official city site, as well as others that describe lodging, restaurants, entertainment, night life and other useful info.

Look for ads, coupons and items you can print and bring with you that could get free services, bargains and discounts. Check out social sites that list meetings, exhibits, classes and other sessions to attend where you can meet and mix with locals. Then, once you've made the best choice of hotel, motel or hostel and have arrived in town, it's time to enjoy. Whether by yourself, a couple or group, get out into the city and experience those features you’ve chosen.

Check with hotel employees for suggestions about dining, clubs, entertainment, social and other events. If you don't have a car, at least once experience the public transportation system to get to all the spots you intend to visit during your stay. As it was true all those decades ago when you were in school, to succeed, you gotta do your homework!

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