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Your elder travel4seniors.com editor is 91 and still roams the world. However, with advanced age comes increasing physical challenges. Most simply stated: I gotta go! Incontinence isn't a disease, often a symptom of other medical issues.

With good planning, it doesn't have to prevent you from traveling. Here are tips for senior travelers who require frequent bathroom breaks:

If it’s a medical condition, get help and prescriptions from your family doctor before you travel. Even if you believe you won’t have toilet problems, some medical advice can make your travel less worrisome. Prepare for the physical requirements. Don’t just jump from days of sofa sitting into the rigors of travel. Get plenty of exercise, from daily hikes to visits to the gym. Cut back on excessive eating and boozing, making you less vulnerable to bladder and bowel problems when traveling.

Travel for smart seniors can be easier with proper planning. When flying, consider booking an aisle seat to allow for easy up-and-down when you need a toilet break. Also consider seats near the rear of the plane, closer to the rest rooms.

Do a toilet visit before boarding. Remember, once aboard, it could be up to an hour before the plane is airborne and travelers are allowed to get up from their seats. When visiting museums, theaters and other public buildings, note toilet locations.

If your age-related bladder and bowel problems are frequent, consider disposable underwear incontinence products. They provide comfort and security, solving accidents and allowing you more freedom while traveling. Pack enough for each trip, and be sure to keep some in your carry-on bags to be available when necessary.

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