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You don’t have to be in a wheelchair to get to your airline seat before the rest of the passengers. For the latest info, when you buy your ticket from the airline or travel agency, ask about priority boarding .

Earlier, ask your doctor to give you a signed note on office stationery listing your physical conditions and request for special treatment when you travel. Be prepared to present the note at all times at airports and aboard flights on your journey. Although you may not use a wheelchair in your everyday activities, consider ordering one to meet you at the airport entrance. If elderly and not able to walk quickly in crowds, getting through today’s busy airports makes the wheelchair more convenient for you and those traveling with you.

Don’t fly alone. No matter how experienced and knowing you are, inevitably when you hit your late 70s, your physical and mental abilities are slowing down. Take a family member or companion with you.

If you must fly alone, ask the airline to provide you with a paid companion or caretaker. It will not only help you in the airport, but assure you of an early-boarding seat and quicker processing at the end of the flight.

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