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After basking under the warm sun in Acapulco, Key West, Honolulu or at sea, it isn't easy to get back to the reality of work or retiree activities. Especially if you have to drive through the snow and slush.

If you must return to work, the same duties will be waiting. It isn't likely the boss or anyone else will allow you to do less until you’re gradually back up to speed. As they say in clichés, you'll be expected to hit the ground running.

Try it in several stages. First, as soon as you get home, unpack the bags quickly. Get all clothes and personal stuff back to where they belong and stash away the bags. Then they won't be around to remind you of the fun and sun that was. For photos and videos, quickly make a digital file and send online copies to people who may be interested. Fortunately, long gone are the old traditions of dragging hapless relatives and friends to your house to be bored by slide shows and 8mm movies of your vacation. Now they can look at them on their computers or hit the erase button.

As the old stray Grizabella, sings in "Cats", you'll just have to accept it when good times are over. You've returned to reality, and are "all alone with the memories of my days in the sun."

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