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When wandering the world, practice all self-protective routines as you do at home. Common sense in the ongoing battle of the sexes of any age is absolutely essential. Here are some tips to help seniors participate in the travel dating battle without suffering wounds of the heart or worse.

1. For a first date, make it brief. Arrange to get together at a public place, such as a café, where the initial face-to-face is for lunch or snack. While there, don't offer too much info about yourself, and listen carefully to the other person’s conversation. If the meeting makes you in any way nervous or suspicious, politely end it and refuse all further contact. 2. The best way to protect yourself on a travel first date is to bring along a friend. In advance, ask your date to bring a companion to create a double-date situation. In this setting, you'll feel safer when dining and further activity, such as attending an entertainment event or dance.

3. When the date is first planned, always let friends and family know in advance what you expect to do and where you'll be. Additionally, at some time during the date, signal by smartphone to reassure them of your safety.

4. Carry a smartphone on all travel dates. Remember when girls were warned to have cab fare, in case the boy got fresh, and they had to take cabs or walk home? There could also be other situations, such as car trouble or medical problems, where your smartphone is necessary.

5. Health is an important concern of seniors who may be vulnerable to medical problems during a social evening. If on regular meds that must be taken at specific times, you should have them.

Also limit eating and drinking. A date that ends with long sessions in the bathroom or a trip to the hospital emergency ward is not likely to result in future dates.

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