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Are you uncomfortable meeting new people? Many of us, especially widowed seniors, now in our sunset years feel the same way. Take heart, fellow geeks. There are ways to break away from your iffy ways, swing into the social whirl and see the world. Suggestions:

1. First, get your butt off that too-comfy couch into some serious traveling. Eyes glued to the TV is the ultimate geekiness, because you are able to relate to all the action without having to jump into it. Venture out into reality!

2. Sign up for regular exercise sessions at a local gym. You’ll meet many seniors there also trying to develop their abs and some new friendships.

3. Take classes at the local school or college. You’ll mix with other seniors of similar interests in such subjects as public speaking, language skills, art, world events or learning Mandarin Chinese.

4. Attend music and other types of entertainment events. Whether it’s a Mozart or Snoop Dog concert, you’ll find people your age there who share similar tastes in music.

5. Form a geek gang. For travel, concerts, clubs, sports events and other ventures, don’t be a loner. Gather senior geek pals and you’ll enjoy companionship and good times together.

6. Along with your senior geek gang or by yourself, sign up for singles tours and cruises. They offer perfect ways for meeting new people in relaxed, friendly adventures.  

7. Get all the latest electronic doodads. Clever senior geeks tweet and twitter to find new friends online. Meet special new acquaintances halfway around the world or just around the corner. If you want more than just online pals, join an internet senior dating service.

8. Be a geek volunteer. Join a group of workers who feed the homeless, rehabilitate houses for the poor or serve on neighborhood night watches. These conscientious senior geeks are the very best people to meet and join in their volunteer activities.

An ambitious self-proclaimed senior geek can reach out in many directions to meet new senior friends. All that is needed is to get up and boldly be part of the wonderful world just waiting for you beyond the front door. Seasoned geeks rule!


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