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Guest Correspondent Maria DeM, Los Angeles CA: We often go red eye, flights that take off after 9 pm. It’s cheaper, better onboard seating is available, and airports are much less crowded. Also, road traffic to and from the airport is much lighter.

We find ways to sleep during flights. Our most frequent trips, about twice a month, are one-hour hops between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We also take six-hour flights cross country several times a year, and about once a year an eight-hour-plus journey to Europe, Asia or South America. The best sleep aid is to buy a higher-class seat that folds down to a bed. Of course, the cost is often twice as much or more than for a regular airline seat. However, on red eye flights, there may be no need to upgrade. We often find there are many empty economy seats available. Stretch out on a two-across seat by removing arm rests, and if lucky, can do it on empty three- or five-across seats.

Once settled, try to get darkness. However, as Murphy's Law requires, there’ll be some nerd nearby who reads all night with light on. Take a sleep mask. If music, movies or audio books help, be sure your smartphone is loaded with your needs.

To snooze undisturbed during flight, before boarding, eat and drink very light, with one exception. A bit of booze can help you get to sleep. When I can't sleep at any time, a short shot of brandy is more effective than any sleeping pill. It works wonders when flying red eye or on one of those loooong ocean-crossing flights.

If possible, go board when your body is ready for some shut-eye. Get comfy and have yourself some happy dreams high up there in the sky.

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