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At some of the world’s busiest terminals, there has been a rash of hundreds of private car scammers picking up riders. They claim to have been sent by Uber and other legitimate operators.

They’re not only illegal, but also unsafe and uninsured. They often charge customers much larger fares than were quoted when Uber booked the rides by phone/smartphone. One recent example was an Uber quote of $120 for a trip from La Guardia in New York to Princeton, New Jersey.

When the car arrived at the destination about an hour later, the driver appeared to confirm the price, but said he required payment by credit card. Several days later, when the customer checked his account, the ride had cost $250.

On a recent article about the pick-up scam, USA Today listed ways passengers can be sure the driver who meets them is legitimate:

Confirm that the make and model of the car match what you booked. Don’t rely on an Uber logo on the car, which may be fake.

Check the license plate on the car to be sure it’s same as the one displayed on your app.

When you get into the car, the driver should know and greet you by name, and also confirm his/her name. The correct one is also on the app.

When in doubt, for financial and personal safety, and if the driver seems phony, confirm with Uber before entering the car.

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