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Hopefully, Hurricane Matthew may be just an unpleasant memory. For seniors with flight plans, it's just another example of if something can go wrong with your schedule, it will.

Murphy’s Law was never more in effect than it is in today’s air travel. Anticipate and prepare for delays, because even the usual on-time and smooth flights can involve some schedule worries. Remember the Cunard Cruise Line slogan that promised getting there was half the fun? It probably wasn’t true for air travel then, and hardly possible today. Just going to the airport involves potential traffic tie-ups, seeking spaces in the airport parking lot, and then fighting mobs of other travelers to get to your airline check-in area.

Of course, that’s just the beginning. Making your way through security is a nightmare, and it isn’t likely to become any less stressful. Weather conditions, world terrorism and other factors continue to cause schedule disruptions and worse. Facing those conditions, how can a senior wanderer cope? 

Be prepared: The old Boy Scout motto was never more appropriate and necessary. For several days before you leave the house for the airport, sit down with family members who’ll fly with you and discuss possible delays. Emphasize patience, safety and the need to allow time to deal with all contingencies.

Expect a long security routine: You need to be totally aware of what is required. No carry-on items should be on the forbidden list. Put shoes, bags, coats and other items on the moving belt. Then comes the screening process, electronic wands and probing hands. Arguments or misbehavior could result in delays and possible missed flights.  

Be smart with smartphones: Even when things go smoothly, there’ll be delays in waiting areas, airplane seats before take off, as well as the need to deal with long hours in the air. Take all the well-charged electronic toys, including those for grown-ups and kids.

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