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Airline tickets aren’t getting any cheaper, and you can expect ever-increasing charges for checked luggage. Additionally, because of inevitable delays, retrieving bags after flights is always a time-consuming hassle. Consider an economic and less-troubled choice to fly. Take everything in carry-on bags, knapsacks and tucked in a many-pocket jacket.

Carry-ons require taking less. So, how can you go on that two-week luxury cruise without all the fashionable clothing for dress-up dinners and dances? Also, if booked for that trek up to the top of the Canadian Rockies, you’ll need all kinds of outdoor gear that couldn’t possibly fit into a single carry-on bag. If you’re smart, you’ll figure out how to travel lighter. With some exceptions, there are ways to avoid checked luggage costs and after-flight carousel delays. Some tips on how to carry it all may help.

1. Before departing for the airport, put everything out on the bed, including outer clothing, underwear, socks, shirts, meds, toiletries and all else you just can’t leave behind. It will build an enormous stack that couldn’t possibly fit into a carry-on. Then start taking some away to leave behind. Do you really need three pairs of shoes?

One dress-up outfit is enough for most travel needs. All underwear and stockings can be reduced to just two-days’ amount. Wash them each night as you shower, pat with a bath towel and hang them to dry.

Unless you need to take a favorite soap, shampoo and other toiletries, leave them home and use those provided. If you do the elimination process right, it will cut your packing needs in half or better, and fit all into carry-ons.

2. Most airlines allow knapsacks that fit under the seat. The most practical has many inside and outside pockets, to find items quickly for inspections and other needs.

3. For more take-along help, wear a jacket or phographer’s vest with pockets outside and inside that zip shut to make sure you don’t lose wallet and other valuables. Stash as much gear as you can into the pockets, one for IDs to show papers, boarding pass, driver’s license and credit card. 

4. Know security rules: You’ll need to pack personal toilet articles and medications. Check with your travel agent about the current list of acceptable items you can put in your carry-on, other bag and on clothing you’ll be wearing at security.

Packing for a flight these days can be a demanding task. The most convenient and economical way to do it is to stash everything you’ll need on your trip into carry-on baggage and many-pocket jackets.

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