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For traveling seniors on a budget, seeking reasonable dining isn't always easy. Especially if they decide to do their celebrating in New York, Paris, London, or other big cities, ever-rising restaurant prices could be way beyond their means.

A simple way seek bargains is to ask where local families eat out. Hotel employees, store clerks, local cops and taxi drivers will have suggestions. Also, savvy senior wanderers research websites and comment columns giving restaurant reviews before they leave home. When entering a dining destination for the first time, make a quick check on the state of cleanliness. Shabbily dressed workers should be a warning sign. If you see dirty dishes, unclean floors, bugs or dingy windows, just turn and go. If a bad smell hits your nostrils, make a quick exit.

When wandering in an unfamiliar foreign country and you’re hungry, it may be safe to buy from street vendors. However, don’t eat anything on display right off the cart. First watch it being cooked for you. Whether in a hostel, hotel or restaurant in some foreign countries, drink water from a commercially-sealed bottle.

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