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When you first enter, do basic security. Lock the knob on the inside of the door and push the deadbolt or chain across to latch it securely. Check windows and doors leading to balconies and adjoining rooms. Make sure they’re closed and latched. Every time you re-enter the room, check them again.

Use the room safe for cash and jewelry while you’re out. Don’t leave wallets, purses, travelers’ checks or jewelry visible in exposed areas. When cleaning, housekeeping staff may have the room door open to hallway traffic while they work.

Use your smartphone to keep in constant communication with travel companions in other rooms in the hotel. To enhance security, call each other before going to bed and after getting up in the morning. In a busy motel or hotel, there are people in hallways day and night. You may hear a knock on the door and a voice will tell you it’s a maid, bellhop or security guard. Don't open the door at that time.

First, get the person’s name and job title, and ask him/her to wait outside until you can verify by calling the front desk. When anyone knocks on your hotel room door, use the eye hole to scan the face before opening the door.

Some security gadgets may seem extreme, but recent news reports could make them sensible precautions. For example, an obsessed man followed a woman reporter into hotels, and booked rooms next to hers.

He drilled tiny holes in the walls to use a video camera. If you want to take extra measures against such intrusions, use pieces of black tape on the door eye hole, keyholes and other areas potentially open to prying eyes.

There are gadgets and actions that will help you keep secure in a hotel room. The most effective is common sense for self-protection.

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