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We all know the old saying: a place for everything and everything in its place. That doesn't always apply, particularly those of us with Alzheimer's symptoms or other diminishing mental capacities.

Especially when away from familiar surroundings, we forget where we've placed things, sometimes with frustrating results. If you have the symptoms or are traveling with a forgetful elderly person who needs help, there are ways to cope with the problem.

The growing symptoms of forgetfulness should be a warning signal to family and friends. After consulting with a physician, the senior should be convinced that traveling alone is no longer an option.

Companions help by making reservations, meeting schedules and other needs the senior now finds difficult to deal with alone. If done with compassion and a positive attitude, it will be effective.

Be sure the traveling senior has a Smartphone within reach at all times. Set it for loud ringing on incoming calls, and for single click dialing for emergency services, contacts at home, travel agency and physician.

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