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Cut and run thefts can be a serious problem for senior travelers. The tiny, skinny boxes held in a hand are easy targets for quick street robbers. Rome, Paris, Rio, Venice, Hong Kong and other typical tourist cities are known for their efficient street thieves.

On foot and with fast bikes and motor scooters, they swoop in on tourists. Without slowing, they grab their loot and dash away, often before the victims were aware it happened. Cameras, purses and other bags can be safeguarded by securing them against sudden attacks. They should be placed snugly under an arm, held tightly by shoulder straps. Seniors with smartphones are so vulnerable because they’re usually held only by senior fingers. The best protection against sudden grabs is to keep them in plastic cases attached with wrist straps.

It's also safer for the smartphone holder if there's another person close by who keeps alert to surroundings while the photographer is concentrating on shooting. Those moments are of highest vulnerability to prowling grab and run robbers.

While touring, you'll frequently bring your smartphone up close to your face to point and record scenes. As you concentrate on shooting, be aware of strangers close to you, as well as bike and motorbike traffic nearby. If you're with a traveling companion who watches out for you, protection from grab and run thieves is considerably more effective.

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