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The Ted Turner network is usually reliable about all the news it covers. However, when it recently published its choices for top 23 best street food cities, we could only wonder who compiled the list. Had to be someone with an iron stomach. Here they are in CNN order:

Marrakesh, Morocco; Bangkok, Thailand; Bali, Indonesia; Beijing, China; Honolulu, Hawaii; Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam; Hong Kong, China; Cairo, Egypt; Rio, Brazil; Mumbai, India; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Rome, Italy; Paris, France and Portland OR, USA. CNN very generously put just one US city at the bottom of the list, although its photo example is all about Mexican food served on Portland streets. How about some opinions from senior travelers who disagree . Frankly, many believe some cities on the CNN list should come with a food poisoning warning.

Here are travel4seniors.com readers’ street food favorite cities that were omitted, but should be on the list: San Francisco CA; New York NY; Los Angeles CA; Singapore; London, UK; Tel Aviv, Israel; Berlin, Germany; Philadelphia PA and Milwaukee WI.

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