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1. The busy lady working in the thin-walled next room was just voted Hooker of the Month.
2. The only bathroom is down the stairs, outside and has a crescent moon emblem on the door.
3. The toilet tissue is a Sears-Roebuck catalog....from 1937.
4. The bugs on the bed march around until they spell out WELCOME.
5. The bed sheets have COUNTY MORGUE printed on them.
6. The NO SMOKING ROOM sign has cigarette butt burns all over it.
7. The chocolate mint on the pillow is moving.
8. The honor bar sells locally-brewed white lightning booze and recycled condoms. 9. The mirror on the ceiling has toenail scratches all over it.
10. The sign on the door quotes daily and hourly room rates.

Seriously, the above listed are silly exaggerations, but you'd never, never, never get an inferior quality room if you book all your travels through advertisers on our pages. Their reps visit and personally check out all featured destinations before recommending only those that fulfill a long list of tough requirements.

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