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When you were much younger, vigorous and savvy, you had no trouble meeting new people while roaming alone. If very lucky, you were readily welcomed by other travelers wanting to do some serious connecting with you.

Now a roaming senior, you must admit your good looks have matured a bit. Meeting new friends while traveling is more complicated. But don’t be discouraged, take a positive attitude and jump in with both feet to what could be enjoyable experiences. Unless just for a day trip or an evening out for dinner, don’t travel alone if you want to do serious mingling. Two singles are usually more successful mixers. It happens at theaters, resorts, tours, cruises, clubs, concerts, sports events, bars or other places where singles gather to ogle, meet and match.

The lone senior traveler has many options to get acquainted with others. If the trip is for business or education, you're sure to rub shoulders at meetings, conferences and conventions with those of similar interests.

Consider volunteer vacations, such as Habitat For Humanity, where you’re sure to mingle with other motivated people. You can be assured of interesting projects working side-by-side with interesting new acquaintances.

If traveling for pleasure, and sign up for structured trips such as cruises, tours and excursions, select those that cater to singles of your age, orientation, education and other specific interests. Meet new people on flights and cruises, museums, theaters, fairs, restaurants, concerts and other gathering places.

Of course, personal safety should always be a priority. With many areas of the world now mired in economic, political and terrorism upheavals, most agencies and experts recommend avoiding any foreign travel alone. Whatever your choices, best wishes for success meeting and enjoying new people whenever and wherever you roam.

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