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Flying for we greying travelers is a mess of problems. Forget the slogans. United skies are not so friendly. American Airlines isn't something special in the air any more. Delta can no longer claim they love to fly and it shows. Continental will no longer move its tail for you.

However, whatever the problems, flying is still the best way to get around the country economically and quickly. And with the right info and attitude, you can make air journeys easier. So, next time you plan to fly, just grit your teeth, natural or store-bought, and join the rest of we oldsters in the air.

Your travel4seniors.com editor flew Southwest just a few days ago out of Los Angeles (LAX), one of the busiest airports in the world. From the moment I stepped from the curb into a milling, frantic mob, I was swept up into time-consuming, long lines  and security checks.

Before I could board my flight, as usual, I had to empty pockets, take off shoes, drag my bag up on the moving belt and push the plastic box full of my stuff into the maw of the x-ray machine. Then watch my carry-on searched while being personally prodded with a electronic stick.

Once aboard, I found a seat. A few minutes later, the flight was jammed full, and at least a dozen unhappy stand-bys were left behind in the airport. Southwest's vintage ad slogan, "You're now free to move about the country" must sound very hollow to those stranded flyers.

Of course, I'm well aware of the reasons for heavy security, and fears that Middle East maniacs could pull another suicide air disaster in America at any time. The myth of enjoyable flying is now just a pleasant memory. We senior travelers should be well aware of it, and do our best to cope with the ordeal.


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