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Many senior travelers, because of advanced age and physical limits, have problems when confronted by street and highway blockages caused by protesters. For example: a Middle East city becomes dangerous because of a terror attack or London streets are blocked by striking cabbies. Problems in the U.S. caused by current escalating protests may make senior travel more difficult, and too often dangerous. Of course, arriving on the scene, there’s nothing you can do to change the disruptive situation. However, there are ways to avoid or ease your personal inconvenience.

When you plan to travel, whether to the local grocery or fly to China, keep in hourly touch with breaking news. If there will be current or potential disruption, schedule change or personal danger, postpone or cancel your trip. If you’re using a local travel agency, ask for advice on how you can best alter your plans.

While touring in a city, and find yourself in or near a potentially dangerous demonstration, get away as quickly and safely as possible. Don’t be curious and move closer. Especially if you’re physically challenged by age or handicap, don’t express opposition or sympathy by participating in the street activities.

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