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Whatever your age, get your shy and/or lazy butt out on the road, in the air or at sea as often as possible. The bar scene is most popular for making new friends, but it requires sorting out the baddies from the beauties.

Often, people who go to bars to meet singles aren't singles, just seeking some extramarital plural action. If the bar scene is where you want to hunt on your wanderings, just be sure to keep your guard up and play it safe.

The best places to meet singles are where activities are compatible with your own lifestyle, and where you're most likely to meet those with similar interests. If you're a bit of an egghead, the local coffee house offers stacks of similar souls. Just amble in, pick out a likely prospect and plop your laptop down next to his/hers, and let the cyberspace conversation begin. You can also try the library, art gallery and civic event routines. In the U.S., with the 2016 election fever heating up, you may sign up as a campaign volunteer. Just maybe you’ll get heated up with another senior political activist.

Of course, if you're the more physical type, concerts ... from rock to Bach ... are good hunting grounds for senior single hook-ups. Sports events are mostly for guys, but hey, to each his/her own. Cities offer other public events where you can do some single searching, such as block parties, flea markets, ethnic events and holiday celebrations.

Check the internet frequently. There are countless opportunities and places to meet new single senior travelers. All you have to do is get up, walk out the door, jump into the mix and do some serious mingling.

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