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Many seasoned citizens feel they’re just too busy to do daily exercises when traveling. Some justify it by believing all the running around to meet tight schedules, catch flights and grab cabs are enough exercise. However, that kind of stress isn’t a substitute for regular, fat-fighting, controlled daily workouts.

Another factor that makes exercise necessary is typical overeating while traveling. Have you been on cruises, to Vegas or other buffet-crazed vacation locations lately? When all-you-can-eat meals are handy, you can go so far off normal dining habits, you could add up to a pound of blubber daily. If your hotel has gym and pool facilities, hit one for at least an hour a day. If there’s a treadmill, give it a 20-minute shot. If weather permits, get out and hike or jog for a half hour at least twice a day. If the hotel gym has the facilities, work on weights and resistance equipment.

It’s also essential that you check with your family physician both before and after a long journey. Make sure you’re fit enough to continue daily exercise while traveling. Also, when you return and have added pounds, get his/her advice on how to gradually subtract them.

Enjoy yourself while traveling, but when you waddle back with loaded plate after the fifth time at the buffet counter, you’ll pay for those sins with an expanded waistline. Sweat it all off in the pool, gym, track and/or city streets. And when home again, it’s back to calorie-counting, with overstuffed buffets just a pleasant memory.

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