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We have friends who live in the desert Southwest, where summer temperatures hit 110+ degrees for days at a time. They book extended stays of one or two summer months at hotels in cool mountain areas of Canada, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Nevada.

They pay from $250 to $500 a week for modest one- and two-bedroom suites. They say the secret for getting bargain rates is that they choose hotels in university towns. The hotels are not busy in summer, and drop prices by 50 percent or more to entice retirees to occupy rooms during slow business months. For extended stay vacations, there are basics to consider. First, are you willing to be a month or more in one location? Is the price OK, or is it negotiable? Is there adequate security for senior travelers in the hotel and surrounding neighborhood?

Of course, the key word is location, location, location. If near a university, you’ll find inexpensive restaurants, summer cultural and entertainment activities, continuing education courses, use of athletic facilities and many other attractive happenings.

Concerning living quarters, look for the best bang you can get for your buck. Is there a kitchen, with stove and refrig? Also a grocery store within walking distance or short drive. Your vacation can be much more economical if you’re able to prepare most of your meals.

A patio or balcony would be convenient for outside dining, BBQing and sunbathing. Of course, there’s usually a hotel pool and other rec facilities. In extended stays you must clean, do laundry, wash dishes and other daily chores. Of course, hotel staffs do those for extra fees.

Surf the internet for extended stay hotels and motels. Call hotels directly, or ask a favorite online or hometown travel agency to explore the possibilities. And always remember: before you agree to a price, haggle for a lower one.

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