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Because of continuing terrorism concerns and labor union street demonstrations, senior visitors may find summertime Paris a difficult destination. Some safety tips for that city and all of the world’s other large metropolitan centers:

Before you leave home for your flight, check frequently with the U.S. State Department on the latest situation in the city. If the area where you plan to visit has experienced recent and ongoing violence, consider cancelling or postponing your trip.

Before leaving your hotel, check with the front desk about any expected safety problems. What are chances of witnessing another Bastille Day? If you encounter large, noisy gatherings or protesting marching groups, don’t stand around and gape. Back away as soon and as far as possible, and find a safe area.

When in large crowds, be sure your personal belongings are safely secured. Pickpockets use the confusion to commit their crimes. Put wallets in buttoned or zippered pockets, and handbags tucked under arms. Use straps or cases to keep smartphones safe.

If you’re in very advanced years and/or physically vulnerable, take a younger companion when you venture out on city streets. Also, a hired local guide will be aware of any potential dangers you may encounter.


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