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Most travelers in their vintage years don’t need instructions in respect. They realize other peoples throughout the world have cherished customs and religious beliefs. Although often strange to us, they are serious parts of their lives. When visiting, we just don’t do nor say anything offensive.

Recently, a tourist who should have known better was at an Indian temple. Though in his 60s, he jumped up on an ancient stone statue while a friend shot video of the guy comically hugging and mugging in the arms of the goddess figure. It was all very funny until two guards came rushing over, led by a very angry religious representative of the temple. The tourist was hauled away to a local jail. It took calls to the American consulate and a $500 fine to bail him out. It could have been much worse punishment for the senior’s childish and disrespectful act.

We all know about the image of the so-called ugly American tourists. They wear outrageous clothing, point cameras or smartphones at everything, talk loud and are ignorant of native sensibilities. Fortunately, most senior travelers don’t fit that negative image today. However, sometimes one will do something foolish and make it difficult for well-behaved Americans.

The rule to follow while traveling is very simple. If we’d be offended by thoughtless actions by strangers in our country, don’t show the same stupid behavior when visiting their country.

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