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Senior correspondent MLI, St. Paul MN: How many personal medical supplies you take on long trips depends on need. And that could include the adult-sized diapers of the same name. Not a joke to we who’ve had to wear them. Several years ago, I had heart surgery, and for two weeks afterward had my bottom covered, just in case.

Once, I took them for a scheduled flight soon after the surgery. You should’ve seen the look on the security guy’s face at the airport when he inspected my luggage. I said the diapers were for our son, Junior, who was only 18 months old, but already six feet tall. I don’t think the security guy got the joke, but he passed me through the gate. What you should take when away for a week or more is stuff you’d ordinarily have on hand while at home. This could certainly include Depends if you’ve had recent surgery and/or continuing problems with incontinence.

Make sure to include all necessary daily meds for each day away from home, plus an extra week’s supply in case your return is delayed. Take a written doctor’s record of your prescription drugs, both to show inspectors and to use to buy more if supplies run out. 

If going overseas or cruising, be sure you’ve checked with your family doctor to get all the necessary shots, including flu, hepatitis, tetanus, diptheria and others. Have written documentation, as required by countries where you’ll be traveling. Take a basic first aid kit, including drugs to combat possible bowel and stomach problems.

Moderation while away from home. That includes getting plenty of rest, as well as eating and drinking sensibly. The senior traveler’s emotional health can also be enhanced by being patient in airports, bus stations, restaurants, public restrooms and hotel lobbies.

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