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We all know warm weather is the heaviest time for air travel. Airlines must get millions of people to the right destinations, while to often their baggage flies off to other destinations.

Statistics today show that one out of every 20 checked bags fails to arrive at the designated airport at the right time. Most are merely misdirected, and eventually get to their owners. But while en route, they cause much distress. Of course, the scenario is upsetting. You wait and wait as the baggage carousel goes slowly ‘round and ‘round. Then, after everyone else has left, and you’ve wasted an hour or more of worry, you realize the bags are missing. What to do? First, grab an airline employee and make sure your bags may still be nearby. They may have been mistakenly put on another carousel or sitting somewhere in the back areas.

If your bags are still missing after a search, go immediately to the airline office in the terminal and make out a written claim. If you’re scheduled to cruise, attend a conference or other occasion, you’ll need to replace clothing and other items. Be sure to keep receipts of all you had to buy, and include them in your claim.

If your property doesn’t show up within about two weeks, the airline will reimburse you. One protection from such frustrating delays is to keep vital items in a small carry-on bag and check only the big bags. Or, if you can manage to put everything for your trip into one wheeled carry-on bag and/or backpack, you’ll avoid checking altogether.

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