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Remember your teens? You could scarf down anything at any time, anywhere. It was no-limit eating at the big game, out with the gang, birthday bashes, midnight buffets, fatburgers, jalapeno chili, pizza and whatever.

Maybe you had a bit of heartburn the morning after, but you’d be OK by noon, and ready to start on another binge of eating stuff that would kill you today. Most very seasoned citizens survive and thrive in sunset years because they practice moderation and healthy diet. However, when some travel, they’re often tempted to forget sensible eating. One of the attractions on cruises is that the food is great and unlimited. In addition to sumptuous sit-down meals, there are snacks and noshes available 24-7 throughout the ship. They challenge elderly bellies most at the midnight buffets, where the fat content of the food is only matched by endless spreads of cakes, cookies, pies, ice creams and chocolate fountains.

Additionally, there are many other food temptations when traveling. For example, the food glut at famed Las Vegas buffets is impossible to resist. For what it’s worth, here are some suggestions on how to control the urge to wolf it down.

When traveling, whether by car, train, air or ship, try to maintain the same portion control and calorie routine you’ve established at home. The simple rule, no matter what the temptations, limit them to the same number of daily calories you consume at home.

For the average senior male, it’s about 2,000, 1,600 for a senior woman. Keep your choices simple and nutritious. No fatty meats and lots of veggies. Smaller portions, fresh fruit instead of cake and pie. However, when you’re bound to cheat, just eat less calories at the next meal. If you must go to the midnight chocololic buffet, consider the battle lost. You’ll just have to lug that extra blubber home with the rest of your luggage.

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