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It may not be like a sunny day lolling on the warm sandy beach, but there are things you can do to make that flight comfy enough to drift off to dreamland. First, of course, if you’re flying economy, the problem is that seats there seem to be designed more for torture than comfort.

However, there are ways to relieve the situation. When you book, call as early as you can and ask for a window seat. It suffers no aisle traffic nor overweight seatmates climbing over you, and you can lean up against the bulkhead to snooze. If you’re scheduled on Southwest or other first-come-first-seated airline, get your boarding pass online exactly 24 hours before the flight. Then you’ll have a good chance of being within the first 30 passengers of the A group, and the best chance to nab a window seat. 

If you want a roomier first- or business class seat through regular booking, your ticket price could double. However, some smart seniors get first class seats for lower prices by hanging around the check-in desk for possible cancellations of first class, or if the section isn’t totally sold by flight time. The clerk may be authorized to bump you up to business or first class free or at a much lower additional fee.

Before you get seated, be wearing comfy clothing. Loose jacket, soft cap with brim to pull down over eyes to block out light. Put shoes in your carry-on and wear slippers. If you’d rather pass the time awake, take a smartphone or small laptop that has video games and other features.

If you’d prefer just to keep your ears awake, bring a portable CD player and discs. Use big, noise-cancelling earphones to concentrate on your own entertainment and/or blot out cabin sounds.

If sleeplessness is a problem, ask your doc to prescribe meds to help you snooze thru the flight. To fly comfy in a squeezed seat is challenging. If you set up for relaxation and happy thoughts, it can be done. Try it on your next flight.

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