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Senior Traveler Selfies: When Is It OK To Photo You? PDF Print E-mail

In the 21st Century, tourism has added a new practice, the selfie. They can be very creative, as well as annoying and intrusive as hell to other people. And sometimes, actually illegal.

Of course, there’s nothing basically wrong with selfing to record memories of events and sights you’re experiencing. That’s traditional for creative seniors since Michelangelo selfied his own image to create the statue of Moses. However, when you’re thinking of using a selfie stick or pointing your smartphone at someone, use some consideration. If you believe it will be intrusive, first ask permission. A political rally or outdoor music concert are usally OK. However, doing it during a live theater concert or drama may be forbidden. An example of selfie selfishness recently happened at a carefully preserved Utah prehistoric natural stone structure. Some tourists climbed and destroyed some of the valuable landmark.

There’s also the personal danger. You see a beautiful background at the Grand Canyon, so you stand there at the rim and raise your selfie stick. Not quite perfect, but if you just back up a couple of steps...

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