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An incident at Manhattan’s Times Square should remind senior tourists to be wary. Particularly at that busy New York locale, as well as at other popular spots, including Hollywood Boulevard and Rome’s Colosseum, danger lurks.

The recent Times Square trouble happened when a tourist refused to pay while photographing a nearby costumed character. He angrily attacked her, resulting in injuries to her and jail time for him.

As expected, there are two sides to the situation. Of course, whatever the reason, he had no right to attack the woman. However, costumed characters earn their livings by posing with tourists. As with all street performers throughout history, everyone passing by should be aware of it. Those willing to pose are expected to pay.

Advice: The decision is yours. If you don’t want to pose and pay, tell the approaching costumed character in specific words. A simple no thank you and continued walking should be sufficient. If that doesn’t work, be more emphatic with the refusal. If you fear violence, get away quickly, find a police officer and report the incident.

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