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Guest Writer AAMcN, Kansas City MO: All you need to know about airport security is one simple fact. No matter where you are and what you're doing in terminals, you can assume at least one camera and pair of eyes are watching you.

It can be reassuring, but at times, a bit disturbing. For instance, on a recent check in for a flight, we stopped just inside the Las Vegas airport doors to be sure we had the right documents to get through security screening.

There was a stack of unattended suitcases just a few feet from us. Suddenly, two airport cops and a huge German Shepherd dog came rushing toward us. They ran past to swoop up the unattended bags, and disappeared up the nearby escalator. A few moments later, a distressed woman was circling the empty area where her bags had been. She said she’d only left them for a short time to get info at an airline counter, about 20 feet away. We told her about the cops' quick grab, and then she went dashing, crying and cursing up the escalator.

Later, in the security area, we told guards what had happened. They proudly assured us that every square foot of the Las Vegas terminal is covered by live cameras and trained spotters.

They said the woman had committed the offense of leaving her bags unattended, even if it was for a minute or so. It would cost her a fine of $500 to get her bags returned. If she was cursing before, we could only guess what she said as she paid the fine.

That's just one example of what to expect whenever you enter an airport terminal these days. Avoid such troubles by following the posted rules, and the cameras will protect you. Break the rules, and the cameras will cost you.

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