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Friends just returned from their annual Baja cruise with an all-too-familiar story. While wandering in an oceanside tourist town, they ate some delicious native food from a street cart. After returning to the ship, they spent the rest of the cruise taking urgent turns in their stateroom toilet.

Of course, even with the old stories about the Tijuana trots, not all street food throughout the world will make you sick. Also, we’re aware that cart people work hard to earn modest livings from tourist sales, and we often patronize them.

However, especially if you have a sensitive stomach, we suggest you limit purchases in an unfamiliar city. Commercially packaged food and bottled water and other safe products are your best options.

In your travels, if you want to eat while wandering or sitting in a park, find a nearby clean retail store or take-out café. Buy your food there, and chances of having bad results are greatly diminished.

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