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Because of aging limitations, seniors are particularly vulnerable to potential crimes in busy city hotels. Here are some sensible rules to prevent them:

1. Into your room for the first time, get familiar with emergency number(s) you can call on the room's phone if necessary. Also, how to request immediate help on your smartphone when anywhere on hotel property.

2. Be totally familiar with all hotel security precautions in rooms, hallways, elevators, garage, restaurant and on nearby streets. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

3. If very elderly and/or physically-impaired, use the buddy system. Stick with a companion. Never allow yourself to be totally alone in unfamiliar and potentially dangerous settings.

4. The buddy system when in crowded hotel pool, beach, surf, amusement park rides, bathroom and other public areas. Buddies must be within sight at all times, especially for elderly with mental challenges.

5. Check that all locking devices on doors in your hotel room. If there's a balcony, close and lock its door when away and after you return.

6. Never allow anyone claiming to be a hotel employee into your room, except maids you've already seen. If a stranger in the hallway claims to be there for repairs or for any other reason, and you haven’t called for service, don’t open the door. First phone the front desk to verify that this specific visit has been ordered by hotel staff.

7. If returning to your room at any time, especially late at night, and don’t feel secure to use the elevator or hallways, contact hotel security. Ask to assign a guard to go with you to your room.

8. If at any time you don’t feel secure using the hotel garage or other remote area, especially poorly lighted ones at night, ask security to assign a guard to escort you.

9. Don’t carry large sums of money in the hotel and crowded nearby streets. Always use the room's safe for storing cash and valuables. If there’s no safe, ask the front desk to keep your proprerty in hotel security. Carry a limited amount of cash. Use your credit card or arrange to sign all meals, tips and other hotel expenses to your room account.

10. Traveler's checks are preferable to carrying large amounts of cash. American Express traveler's checks are not honored everywhere. If you practice personal safety at all times, your hotel stay should be a secure, relaxed and enjoyable experience.


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