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Some of the most enjoyable, economical and safest all-inclusive vacation sources for senior singles involve cruising. Many passenger ships, usually chock full of seniors, have great programs for single seniors. Gatherings at meals, social events, exercise programs, entertainment, shore excursions and other activities are natural magnets for singles to greet, meet and mingle.

Although one possible feature may not be for every single senior woman, some cruises provide male ship employees who serve as escorts at dances, excursions and other events. The 1997 comedy movie by great actor pals, the late Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, "Out To Sea", gives a hilarious version of the shipboard male escort service.

We’re not sure which, if any, cruise lines offer female escort services for single male travelers. Maybe it would appear a tad ... well, you know ... shady. Anyhow, travel statistics show the typical ratio of single women to single men aboard singles cruises can be as high as four to one.


So, lonely senior guys, if you want to take advantage of such potentially winning odds, start planning your next cruise.

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