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The experience can be very stressful for both you and your best friend. The hurry-up activities, strange sights, loud noises and unfamiliar people can disturb a pet accustomed to familiar routines at home. With intelligent planning and consideration, there are ways to make the trip easier to endure.

When scheduled to fly, consider leaving your larger pet home. Have a friend or relative take over for you, or board it in a kennel. It’s frightening and stressful to fly is as a caged animal.

Despite the care airlines take to keep cargo animals safe, the ordeal is never a pleasant one for pets nor anxious owners. If you check your pet as luggage, cost may be as much as $150 per flight. It must be in an approved, lockable container with proper bowls for water and food.

You're usually permitted to fly with a pet weighing 20 pounds or less in the passenger cabin with you. It must stay in an approved carry-on container throughout the flight, though some airlines allow brief periods for feeding and exercise. The cost starts from $100. Service dogs with IDs fly free in the passenger cabin.

Driving will be more pleasant for your companion animal. The car is already a familiar place, and the pet is comfortable with family members. Take along feed and water bowls, mat or blanket, necessary meds and favorite toys. If the trip is for more than two hours, make regular stops for feeding, potty breaks and exercise. At all times, keep your pet on a leash.

If your journey will involve overnight stops, call ahead to book a motel that accepts pets. Some will allow them to stay in your room, while others require kennel housing. Obey the rules for clean up after your pet, and respect the quiet comfort of other motel guests.

If your pet tends to be nervous and restless, take vet-approved meds on your journey. To allow regular sleep for the pet and everyone else on the trip, use the meds when necessary. Whenever possible, give your animal companion freedom and exercise. Soothing talk and petting can also help make the experience less stressful for all.


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