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When you’re on a cruise, some destinations your ship may visit are modern, all business and totally uninteresting. However, some cities welcome travelers with sights, history, entertainment, fun, shopping, dining and charm.

1. New York: For centuries, New York has been one of the major ports where cruise ships sail to and from all parts of the world. In the late 19th Century, the port and Lady Liberty welcomed immigrants from Europe to America. During wartime, they carried GIs to battlefields and home again.

Originally, only wealthy people could enjoy the luxury of pleasure cruises. Now many affordable sailings arrive and depart daily from the port of New York City, greeting or saying farewell to the Statue of Liberty. 2. Venice: Since the days of the Roman Empire, Venice has been the ultimate destination for travelers who enjoy experiencing beautiful palaces, San Marco Piazza, Venice Opera House, fabulous art collections, charming canals and gliding gondolas.

3. Hong Kong: Over the centuries, this ever-independent city has survived occupations by emperors, Western conquerors, Japanese military and Communist dictators. Today, it's still the glitziest, most exciting cruise destination in the Orient, and a shopper’s paradise. The food, whether at a high-class hotel restaurant or from the deck of a family fishing boat, is some of the best in the world.

4. Honolulu: Since Captain Cook first discovered what he called the Sandwich Islands in the 18th Century, Honolulu has been one of the world’s most welcoming cruise destinations. Enjoy soft Pacific breezes, palm trees, miles of white sandy beaches, surfers riding the waves, hula dancers and great luau feasts.

5. Singapore: After centuries as a rough-and-ready port destination for world-weary sailors, this city-state has evolved into a classy tourist destination. It’s now super modern, with soaring glass towers, posh resorts, casinos and home for many international businesses. Singapore welcomes cruise travelers with varieties of traditional Asian foods, beautiful gardens and fine shopping. 

6. Amsterdam: This quaint old Dutch city is crossed by canals bordered by 18th Century buildings and cobblestone streets. A laid-back destination for mature cruise passengers and hip young students, the city has many great sites. For the art lover, there’s the world-famous Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museums. For senior history buffs, moments inside the Anne Frank house is an emotional experience.

7. Oslo: Since the 10th Century, Viking vessels sailed to and from this Norwegian port in search of new conquests. Now the modern city captures the attention of cruise passengers with its smorgasbord of old architecture and modern buildings. Visitors will also find traditional smorgasbord of its delicious food offerings just as fascinating.

8. San Francisco: Roamers have always been welcome at the City by the Bay, whether aboard 19th Century schooners bringing goods from the Orient, 20th Century GIs returning from wars in the Pacific and beyond. Today the Golden Gate, Nob Hill, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown and everything else San Francisco has to offer makes a fantastic destination for cruise passengers.

9. St. Petersburg: This former Imperial capital of Russia, aptly called Venice of the North, offers visitors views of its grandeur in 18th Century palaces, onion-domed churches and museums. Briefly called Leningrad during the gloomy era of the Soviet Union, St. Petersburg has emerged once more as a welcoming destination for many cruise ships.

10. Copenhagen: A cruise that docks at this historic Danish port is a venture back to the days of childhood tales. A visit to the old amusement park of Tivoli Gardens is like being in a Disney movie. Children of all ages, from four to ninety, enjoy puppet shows, great Scandinavian foods and magnificent gardens.

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