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It was in all news media. Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas ran into a heavy storm and suffered damage, while frightening the hell out of everyone aboard. Fortunately, while there was structural breakage, no passengers or crew were seriously injured.

Compared to road and air statistics, cruise ship mishaps are very rare. However, seniors who sign up for cruises should be constantly alert to what to do when the unexpected happens at sea or in port. Here are a few simple rules: When first boarding and enter your cabin, it’s your responsibility to become aware of all safety rules. They’re usually posted on the inside of the door. Know what to do in an emergency, including donning your lifejacket and getting promptly to your lifeboat station. Expect to participate in a lifeboat drill during the first day aboard, and pay close attention to all instructions.

Once the cruise is underway, always listen for loud speaker info that comes to your cabin on your TV screen, as well as throughout the day at all other passenger areas of the ship. If there’s a warning about rough weather ahead, follow instructions closely on immediately seeking personal safety.

Even where there are no warnings of danger, but the sea is very rough, seniors, especially those with physical limits, should stay in their cabins. During such unsettled conditions and it becomes necessary to leave for meals and other events, call for help from cabin stewards and/or other crew members.

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